Marci Miller wraps up her time as Days of our Lives' Abigail. Kiki was arrested after she helped Franco escape. Her delivery date is probably in April. A mystery woman woke up in a hospital and called out for Silas.

Britt broke the news to Nina that Nina would not be able to conceive a child because Nina was in menopause. Britt was plagued with guilt over her deception but was too afraid to risk losing Nikolas by telling the truth. Did a star just tweet she's returning? Patrick John Flueger is an American actor. Robin overheard Felix tell Patrick that Sabrina was pregnant.

Ric was not pleased when he learned that Elizabeth had decided to recuperate at Wyndemere, molly mccook dating. Alexis accused Julian of playing games when she saw Julian and Olivia kiss. Sonny invited Duke to take the first swing at Julian. After being "on the fence," actor decides to stick around. Genie Francis' return to GH kicks off with a bang. Full Cast and Crew. Click here for the complete recap of this week. Lucas learned that Julian was alive when Lucas had an encounter with his father. Jake was hurt when he saw Ric and Elizabeth kiss. Michael and Kiki agreed to slow things down because they realized that they didn't know each other as well as they had thought. Molly mccook dating called to warn Ava not to take the pills, but it was too late because Ava was already in labor. Sam was stunned to discover who owned the car that had hit the guardrail on the night of Patrick's accident. Rafe realized that his secret had been discovered, so he raced home to collect his things. She hands the keys to Eddie and tells him that they can go back to the way the were and live together again. Eddie says that if she hears him she will sit right up in bed and order him out of the room. Lucas accepted Julian's apology when Julian made it clear that he wanted a relationship with his son. Shawn made it clear to Anna that she couldn't question T. After they met inthey started liking each other and eventually fell in love too. Sara Ruth says that she thought Brad was going to be the problem, but when Camille told him to go away and leave her alone, he did. Morgan and Kiki moved into the brownstone to begin the renovations. Olivia evicted Julian from the hotel. Mac was not impressed when he met Maxie's new boyfriend, Levi. Bobbie called Lucas to tell him about Carly's disappearance, so he raced to his mother's side. Liesl revealed to Dante and Lulu that she had possession of their third frozen embryo, which Liesl would turn over to Dante and Lulu in exchange for complete immunity for herself and for Britt. Robin was relieved when Patrick told her that he wasn't the father of Sabrina's baby. Actor Celebrity MasterChef Comedian. September 29 to October 3, Julian had a clandestine meeting with Luke in the stables. There was an error trying to load your rating for this title. Click here for the complete recap of this week October 27 to 31, Madeline and Nina hid out in Liesl's office to plot their next move to get Ava's baby. Julian was furious when Carlos revealed that Ric was hidden in the trunk of a car stashed at Johnny's old auto shop. Carly tells her that when Jack finds out what she is doing, it will be no laughing matter.

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Robin refused to consider it until Victor revealed that Jason Morgan was also in suspended animation and would remain so unless Robin helped Helena and Stavros. Robin was shocked when Victor explained that she had to leave town for an undetermined time and not tell anyone where she was going or the real reason that she was leaving. Sabrina decided to tell Patrick the truth about the baby because Emma had overheard Sabrina and Elizabeth talking about Patrick being the baby's father.

Julian was not pleased to learn that Lucas was gay. Nikolas confided to Elizabeth that Brad was not Ben's father. Elizabeth became suspicious when she discovered that Dante and Ben suffered from latex fruit syndrome, so ellen drake dating enlisted Felix's help to collect a DNA sample from Dante, while she obtained a sample of Ben's DNA.

Kiki was arrested after she helped Franco escape. Michael felt betrayed by Kiki's support of Franco. Franco was stunned when he discovered that Heather's grave was empty except for a bloody sheet and a note written in blood, vowing revenge. Franco turned to Scott for help.

Carly and Heather were buried beneath the rubble when a portion of the catacombs collapsed. Click here for the complete recap of this week February 10 to 14, After meeting Danny, Robin decided to go along with Victor's plan. Ava agreed to turn on Julian and help Sonny, so she and Morgan could be together. Elizabeth confronted Britt with the results of the test and advised Britt to tell Nikolas the truth because Elizabeth intended to tell Molly mccook dating about his son.

Lulu had a dream that Ben was her and Dante's son. Nikolas decided to propose marriage to Britt and enlisted Spencer's help to pick out an engagement ring. Brad told Lucas that he and Lucas could only be friends because Brad wanted a relationship with Felix.

Julian turned to Alexis for advice about Lucas. After a heart-to-heart talk with Alexis, Julian reached out to Lucas and apologized for the way that he reacted when Lucas had revealed that he was gay.

Lucas accepted Julian's apology when Julian made it clear that he wanted a relationship with his son. Scott went to the Miscavige Institute to check on Heather but was shocked when a drugged Luke was in Heather's room.

Heather's henchman locked Scott into a padded cell with Luke. Franco was shot while rescuing Carly. Heather was taken into custody and returned to the Miscavige, while Carly and Franco were rushed to the hospital.

Michael continued to blame Franco for what had happened to Carly and felt betrayed because Kiki had helped Franco escape. Click here for the complete recap of this week February 17 to 21, Anna rescued Luke and Scott from Miscavige. Tracy became alarmed by the change in Luke, which was attributed to the drugs that Luke had been given during his weeks at Miscavige.

Robin confessed to Patrick why she had to leave town. Patrick objected to Robin abandoning her family to save Jason, molly mccook dating, but Robin insisted that she couldn't live with herself if she didn't help Jason, molly mccook dating.

Emma was heartbroken when she was told that Robin would be leaving. Britt was forced to reveal that Dante was Ben's father, but she carefully placed all of the blame on her mother and denied that she had known that Liesl had used Dante's sperm.

Britt remained quiet about who Ben's real mother was. Nikolas believed Britt's lies and proposed. Britt happily agreed to marry Nikolas. Dante met his son, but it was bittersweet for Lulu.

Nikolas was shaken by Elizabeth's declaration of love and insisted that he had moved on as she had asked. Julian confronted Ava about downloading information from his laptop. Ava made it clear that she wouldn't hesitate to kill her brother if he made a move against her. Sonny informed Ava that Julian had a silent partner who had been bankrolling Julian's business ventures for years.

Franco underwent lifesaving surgery and then was reunited with Carly. Felix discovered that Brad had been spending time with Lucas.

Click here for the complete recap of this week February 24 to 28 Molly was furious that her mother had interrupted Molly's special night with T. Alexis was stunned when Ric sided with Molly. Olivia realized that Ric might be in town because Ric was bankrolling Julian's organization. Sonny confronted his brother, but Ric insisted that he was in town to spend time with Molly.

Ava confessed to Carlos that she had murdered Connie, so she enlisted Carlos to kill A. Luke and Tracy thwarted Carlos' attempt to kill A. Franco tried to persuade Carly to walk away from him because he didn't want to cause problems between Carly and Michael, but Carly insisted that she loved Franco.

Michael and Kiki agreed to slow things down because they realized that they didn't know each other as well as they had thought.

Nakamura into confessing that he was in cahoots with Ava. However, the plan went awry when it was revealed that Mr. Nathan confronted Silas about Mr. Silas decided that it was time to pay Nina a visit. Robin and Anna shared a touching goodbye. Robin promised to find her way back home. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that she would always be part of his family and his best friend. Click here for the complete recap of this week Return to the top of this section.

Ric reconnected with Elizabeth and invited her out to dinner. Ava pulled a gun on A. Sonny and Ava covered their tracks and left A. Julian became the prime suspect when he was found holding the gun that had been used to shoot A. Alexis asked Ric to represent Julian. Silas and Sam became concerned when Nina disappeared from the Crichton-Clark facility. A cloud of suspicion fell over Silas when Mr. Molly mccook dating died of an overdose in the same hotel where Silas had been staying.

A mystery person watched Silas and Sam at Molly mccook dating bar. Robin left town with Victor and was taken to the Crichton-Clark facility where her work to revive Jason, Helena, and Stavros would begin. Tracy accepted Luke's proposal of marriage, but she realized that something was wrong with Luke after a nasty confrontation between Luke and Monica.

Duke was put in a difficult position when Sonny asked Duke to provide Sonny with an alibi and then Anna questioned Duke about Sonny's whereabouts during the time of the shooting. Click here for the complete recap of this week March 10 to 14, Duke provided Sonny with an alibi. Ric agreed to be Julian's attorney, molly mccook dating. Ava slipped into A. Carlos was rattled when he overheard Anna tell Dante that the key to solving A.

Nikolas wasn't pleased when Elizabeth agreed to attend Nikolas and Britt's engagement party with Ric. Tracy became concerned when Luke cruelly lashed out at Monica for suggesting that he wanted to marry Tracy for her money. Tracy turned to Kevin for help, so Kevin paid Scott a visit to get insight into what had happened to Luke at Miscavige. Kiki was horrified when Luke groped her, but she decided to keep silent about the incident when she learned that Luke and Tracy were engaged.

However, Luke continued to make unwanted advances until Morgan was forced to intercede on Kiki's behalf. Morgan warned Luke to stay away from Kiki, but Luke wasn't intimidated. Nina's mother, Madeline, stopped by Silas' office to ask him to sign papers relinquishing all rights to Nina's fortune, but Silas refused to cooperate until he knew what had happened to Nina. After Madeline left Silas' office, she paid Nathan a visit.

Patrick had an angry outburst in Kelly's that left Emma in tears. Lulu continued to dream that Ben was her son. Britt and Liesl had an emotional breakthrough when Britt told Liesl about the engagement. Felix walked in on Brad and Lucas kissing.

A woman from Shawn's past stopped by Kelly's. Click here for the complete recap of this week March 17 to 21, A. Patrick felt responsible for A. Sonny enlisted Alexis' help to question Julian about Julian's association with Ric. Luke continued to make inappropriate passes at Kiki despite her insistence that she was not interested in him.

Tracy became suspicious when she saw Luke hovering near Kiki, so Luke lied and claimed that he had rebuffed Kiki's advances. Nikolas ordered Luke to leave the engagement party when Luke remarked that Britt was "one hot piece of ass.

Her delivery date is probably in April. Emma gets exciting and wants him to tell her, so Jack finally says to her that he is going to ask Julia to marry him. Sonny and Ava's hurt and pain flared into passion. Eddie tells her that they have been through a lot together. Lucas urged Julian to be completely honest with Alexis, so Julian reached out to her. Georgia tells him that he is always there for her. Spencer confronted Luke and warned his uncle that he intended to tell Sonny about Luke's plans. Lisa comes over to her table to sit with her. Victor revealed that he needed Robin's help because Helena and Stavros were not dead. Luke ordered Julian to kill Ava when Julian revealed that Ava had been feeding Sonny inside information for months. Nikolas confided to Elizabeth that Brad was not Ben's father. Click here for the complete recap of this week October 27 to 31, 100 free dating sites victoria and Nina hid out in Liesl's office to plot their next move to get Ava's baby. Denise starts to question Ben about the woman that was in the room when she first came in. Someone else was supposed to do it, but it turned out that they couldn't do it, so Ben has volunteered to put the pamphlets together. Spencer accused Nikolas of looking at Elizabeth as if Nikolas wanted to marry her, molly mccook dating. She keeps talking about what they have together and how they are going to be the way they molly mccook dating before and she says that she has something else for him and she grabs him and kisses him. Josslyn told Cam that Spencer had been hiding out at her house, so Cam told his mother. Ben, John, Bob and Reid decided to go to Yo's to get acquainted. Carly was infuriated that Franco had played another one of his infamous mind games to manipulate her. She asks him if he can top that for a surprise and he says, "Let me see what I can do. Family ties of secrets.